January 25th, 2020



In this episode, Shane takes Nannerl to Chicago...through stories.

They talk Wesley Willis, the Bucktown Pub and affiliated, Allen Ginsburg, gentrification, and much more. Shane talks about his street cred he received from being published in the Chicago Reader.

Nannerl gets schooled over whats a good Chicago Pizza.



You can read the two articles we talk about here:

"Shocks to the System"


"The Migration of the Hipster" ontent?oid=11117198


get some good Italian, Recommended by Shane



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The Satanic Artist - SPEAK OF THE DEVIL POD 2.01

September 30th, 2019

2.01  The Satanic Artist

Season 2, Here We go!  Co-hosts Shane Bugbee and Nannerl start the conversation with the elephants in the room:  the Satanic Artist, and how we fit in society and among each other. 

Where is our place?  What does it take to be the Satanic Artist?


tags: Conjure, sculpting, sculpture, art portal, boil boil toil and trouble, mystical, mystic, art, artist, madness, art support group, salted latte, wine, Satanist, going mad, madness, art insanity, LaVey, Peter Gilmore, wicker park, Chicago, Warhol, scene, artist colony, artists bankers and realtors, jack white, game the system, evh, Eddie VanHalen, Ely Minnesota, what is art, tuna casserole and the meteor shower, envalope pushing, Picasso, Francis Bacon, heart, art is magic, abstract, image of emotion, deep focus, the will, art must have heart, snap shot of the soul, words escape us - abstracts are forever, primal, jodorowsky, luck, sun ra, jackson pollock, courage, complexity, Dave Archer, star trek artist, art is never finished it's abandoned, brave, art is brave, generous, courageous, post art depression, laughing at mistakes, thrift store ammo, smashing the metronome, artist tantrums, eat more crayons for your poop creations, militant artist, couch surfing artist, eazy-e, Dr. Dre, fuck Emos,